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New Website Features

Post by NOBLE CANADIAN on Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:47 am

[Updated on 04/03/08]

The main reason that I switched to a different website host is because of the ample amount of additional features. The bulk of the new features are on the administrator side; however, there are a few that might interest you as members. Below is a list of all the new features that I could think of.

+ Improved Portal (visually and functionally)
+ Better style
+ Profiles with more depth (ex: birthday, zodiac, friends & foes list, favourite topics)
+ Private Memberlist (only registered members can view list and individual profiles -- the same applies to the Usergroups)
+ Calendar (built right into the website, can only be viewed by members of the website.)
+ Chat (can be accessed in the navigation section and at the bottom of the forums)
+ New Shoutbox (with a URL field and text effects -- just click on 'Help' for more information)
+ Improved polling system (now includes multiple choice and vote canceling options)

If I think of any others worth pointing out, I will update this topic.


I will be putting the old TDM calendar into the recycling bin section, and we will be using the new calendar for all events.

There are a couple ways of putting an event on the calendar. The first way is to click the icon on the bottom of the calendar located in the portal. Once you're at the calendar, you can click the top right icon on a specific date to add an event. When you do it this way, your event will also be stored in the 'Calendar Events' section of the forums. This method is for TDM members to schedule private clan events. These events will only be visible to those granted special permissions. All other members of the website may use the method described below.

You can also add an event when you create a new topic in the forums. For example, say your new topic is about a release date for a game and you want to put it on the calendar. Just fill in the subject and message sections as normal, then go down to were you'll see 'Calendar". Click on the '+' icon to show the section and select a date. There are also fields for the time of the event, as well as the duration.

*Your birthday will also be added to the calendar, but only If you enter it in your profile. Your zodiacal signs will also appear in your profile and topics, along with your age.

Website Statistics

There is also a traffic statistic feature located in the third column of the portal. This tool gathers the number of visitors that this site receives, and displays the information in a graph. There is also a real-time map which displays the locations of all our visitors. If a marker is flashing; that means the visitor is currently viewing the website. There have been visitors from the U.K., Serbia, and even Singapore. I just installed it, so keep checking it for more information. This feature isn't related to The TDM Map, which is a totally different mapping feature located in the navigation section. More information regarding The TDM Map can be found HERE.


All of the smilies have been organized into four categories. You may recognize a lot of them; however I installed a few new ones. You can access the different categories by clicking on the drop-down menu in the section where they are located.

Like I said, I will update this topic if I think of anything else worth pointing out. Contact me if you have any questions.


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