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New RSS Feed Panel

Post by NOBLE CANADIAN on Wed May 07, 2008 9:59 pm

Another new addition has been added to the website -- the RSS Feed Panel. It is located above the portal poll in the third column. It features several news and reviews feeds from respected websites relating to the Xbox 360 console and other platforms. All the information within the RSS Feed Panel is automatically updated once new information becomes available.

The RSS Feeds are as follows:

-Xbox 360 News - TeamXbox
-Xbox Live News - TeamXbox
-Hardware News - TeamXbox
-Games News - TeamXbox
-Video Game Industry News - TeamXbox
-IGN Xbox 360
-IGN Complete
-Gamespot Recent Updates [Xbox 360]
-Xbox 360 and Xbox Game Reviews - TeamXbox
-Gamespot Recent Updates [Reviews]
-GameBattles News
-IGN Guides

Just click on 'Menu' to launch the full RSS feeds list. When the panel is viewed for the first time, the URLs may only be displayed in the Menu. All you need to do is cycle through them quickly using the arrows at the top of the panel, which will cause the feed titles to be displayed in the Menu.

If you know of a feed that you would like added to the panel, please post it below. Smile


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